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"Find your freedom to live your life more vibrantly"

Cassie fox percival

Hi, I'm Cassie Fox-Percival 

My journey with RTT started in 2015.  I had lived for over 10 years suffering with terrible Anxiety and Hyperhydrosis. I spent many years hiding behind doors, afraid to socialize with people because of it. I had the great fortune of doing an RTT session with Marisa Peer, and within days I was cured of this lifelong ailment which literally changed my whole life.  The freedom I experienced was outstanding.  From this moment on I lived my life more vibrantly and fully than I ever did before.


After many more successful RTT sessions over the years. I finally decided to study this therapy with Ms. Peer and now I, too, am changing lives within a matter of days. I am so grateful to be able to offer this therapy and to help people change for the better. Let me help you break the chains that limit you.

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Cassie fox percival

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