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How to Gain Confidence with Women in Dating, Sex and Relationships

If I can show you an almost guaranteed way to upgrade your love life, relationships and intimacy, would you be interested?


Your love life will experience a drastic, positive change, as you  discover how to increase your confidence with women in dating, sex and relationships.

Increase Your Confidence with Women

Do you want to be more confident in yourself?
Do you want to have more confidence with women?
Do you want to be more confident in dating?
Do you want to be a better lover?

This Program is for YOU!
Here is what my clients say ...

Eberle Fine

I had a therapy session with Cassandra and it was Absolutely Life-changing. I had issues with Confidence with women and had a RTT session with Cassandra. Afterwards I was so relaxed and a much happier person. I could actually see it and feel it in my body. So now I have confidence to speak to women, and not fearful or full of doubt. I feel confident when I approach women now. I start conversations with them easily, go on dates, feeling comfortable, relaxed and I have so much fun now. She did an amazing job and I would totally recommend her work and coaching. Because it really helped me out and I don’t have those feelings anymore.

Peter Razi

 I’ve been shy and awkward around girls since I can remember. Was envious of my buddies who are natural playboys. RTT made this a thing of the past. I am now enjoying flirting, going on dates and having sex with attractive girls. My newfound confidence is irresistible to them. Thanks Cassandra! 

James Woodhouse

I had a session with Cassandra about my confidence issues. The session revealed many things from my past that were holding me back.  Once I had this clarity, a weight was lifted off my shoulders. My confidence grew in talking to people in general, for work, socializing and dating women. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a change.

Sexual Confidence in the Bedroom

Do you want to be a better lover? 
Or do you suffer from Erectile Dysfunction or Condom Collapse Syndrome?

This Program is for YOU! Here is what my clients say ...


I have always been suffering from condom collapse and thought nothing would work. One week after my session with Cassandra, I noticed such a change that I was in disbelief. I would say after the 21 days of listening it was 80% better! My negative thoughts were eliminated and I can now sustain strong erections even with a condom on. Unbelievable!

Roman Malik

I’ve struggled with E.D. for many years and had given up hope of ever fixing it. The RTT sessions help me understand why it was happening. Now I enjoy sex again with a strong hard penis. The coaching program was supportive in my journey, giving me my confidence back again in dating and sex. She was always there for me and my personal cheerleader! Thank you Cassandra


My name is Cassandra Fox-Percival

My speciality is helping men get rid of these issues and rebuild their confidence with RTT, or Rapid Transformational Therapy.

It is a proven hypnotherapy method that delivers incredible results in a matter of weeks, or even days.

Cassandra Fox Percival Sex Therapist Asia.jpeg

RTT is extremely effective because... it accesses the subconscious. Everyone comes into this world knowing they are lovable and worthy of attention. But as LIFE goes, hurtful things happen to us and our beliefs about ourselves changes. The subconscious is where most of these negative events are stored over time. Being in Hypnosis also allows you to see with clarity why you don’t need negative beliefs in your brain anymore. Then the magic comes where we install NEW better beliefs about yourself that are more useful to you now.  It’s like upgrading an outdated computer system. 




It is possible to reprogram your mind to be the Confident, Brave, Amazing Human Being you were born to be.

So if you are ready to upgrade your love life, relationships and intimacy. Click the link below to book your free discovery call.



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